One of the top chateau of Bordeaux’s famous wine region are to be releasing their ‘Grand Vin’ in cans in a bid to become more approachable.

In a bold step, Chateau Mouton Rothschild has announced that they will be ‘canning’ a portion of their world famous wine, which can fetch thousands of euros, before it is even bottled. Following a disappointing en premier tasting for the chateau, which is based in Pauillac, Baron Philippe de Rothschild has decided to try and reconnect with the “common man”.

Mouton Beer Can 4

In a quote obtained by Winery Whispers, Baron Philippe de Rothschild said “We want to be seen as a wine that be enjoyed, even by the lower classes beneath us”. When questioned about his chateau’s famous labels, often designed by some of the top artists of the world, the Baron said “This year we will be opening the label design to the local school children. It will keep costs down and I’ve actually found previous vintage labels rather shoddy. At least the little rug rats will have something to keep them quiet for a while.”

When questioned, a local man who wished to remain nameless, for fear of retribution from the Rothschilds said “I don’t think much of their wine anyway. Over priced plonk, which the Baron normally tops up with antifreeze. Everyone in the village knows he does it. The local mechanic that he buys it from won’t be too happy though, if the wine stops selling. He’s sending his son to university on the money he’s making.”

Whether this action from Mouton Rothschild succeeds remains to be seen. Judging from these publicity shots though, the cans will make for lovely shotgun targets for the local farmers, if nothing else.