Mega pop star Justin Bieber will be releasing his own line of rosé wine after reportedly shelling out $15,000 on a pink grill.

The Eenie Meanie has decided to get into the wine biz. With summer approaching, rosé wine seems to be the next venture for the Baby singer and will be a perfect pairing with the colour discoordinated mouthpiece of his.

When questioned Biebs said “Those idiots that buy my records will do anything I tell them to. I don’t even drink wine, my mummy won’t let me. I could stand there and call them all a bunch of brainless d******s and they’d all cheer. It’s actually quite depressing. So, naturally, we had to find out how to squeeze more money out of them and this was the best we could come up with.”

One fan we spoke to said “Oh my God! Is Justin Bieber here?! Is he going to be selling wine?! I’ll, like, totes be buying a hundred bottles and bathing in it. It’ll make me feel like he’s all over me. I’m so excited!”

With there seeming to be no lengths that Beliebers won’t go to for a piece of Justin, his new wine range which will reportedly be named ‘I’m not sorry’ seems set to be a massive success.