Another week, another prime example of United Airlines stellar customer service. This week a man was dragged from his seat and removed from the flight after suggesting the wine served in flight may have been corked.

Airline Brawl

On a flight from Dallas to Washington Ray Burn requested a glass of wine to calm his nerves before take off. When it was served to him he thought that he could detect a hint of wet cardboard, which is usually a tell tale sign that a wine has been tainted by a faulty cork. When he made this know to a member of the cabin crew he was requested to wait in his seat, whilst the matter was dealt with. Before he knew what was happening he was being dragged by his arms through the aisle and hurled off the plane.

In a statement released by Mr Burn’s lawyer he said “It wasn’t really much of surprise. I believe this is the standard protocol for United Airlines. I actually feel that the went easy on me. I knew I was chancing my luck by talking to the staff. The way they patrol the aisles, I think they were just looking someone to make an example of, it keeps all the other passengers in check.”

A spokesman for United Airlines had this to say “I don’t know why this is even making the news anymore. The public now know how we run our airline and this removal of a highly disruptive passenger should be no shock to anyone. We don’t like to do things by half measures, so we always make sure the passenger is kicking and screaming and maximum emotional trauma is caused to other passengers.”

With United Airlines now setting a precedent for this new form of customer service, it is yet to be seen whether other airlines will follow suit. The wine that was served it yet to be identified.