In a shift away from their usual style, top Californian wineries are to produce wines with an ABV of below 15%.

For the first time in recent memory top wineries in California’s Napa Valley are to produce wines that will allow people drinking them to actually remember the night before. Spearheaded by the Robert Mondavi Winery, winemakers in the Napa Valley thought it would also be a good idea if people that drank their wine could remember what they had been enjoying when they woke up the next day.

“We found that people actually don’t like having their taste buds burned off with alcohol” said one of the McCrea family, that produce wine in their Stony Hill Vineyard in Spring Mountain. “It turns out people want to actually taste the wine. Everything we produce here in Napa is already packed full of residual sugar, so we’re only going to ferment the wine to 5%, as no one will notice the the extra sweetness.”

One lady on a tour of the Robert Mondavi Winery had this to say about the move “Sure, any wine taste good with alcy-hol. I think *hicup* that it be nice wine with fruit and extra. Car take over hill, ok now.”

With the news yet to reach foreign soils we will have to see how this affects export markets and what reaction there is from overseas fans of the wineries.