The ‘Best Sommelier In Europe and Africa’ title has been awarded to a complete novice who entered the competition on a dare.

Breton Kelley, who works at the Weatherspoons pub The Moon and Spoon in Slough in London as a kitchen porter, was dared by the bar staff to enter the competition after one of them noticed it while surfing online for adult material late one night. Breton filled out the online application form and before he knew it he was being flown toVienna in Austria to compete against some of the world’s best sommeliers.

“I’ve been training my taste buds on the Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc behind the bar” said the newly crowned champ. “I practiced opening a twist top as carefully as I could and chef would whip me up a microwave carbonara to see what I was like at matching the wine and food. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, I took a few guesses at some of the questions and before I knew it I was through to the final.”

When asked about Breton’s success, one of the other competitors had this to say “It’s an outrage, a slimy little whelk like that being awarded the title. I studied and trained for years to get into this competition and deserved to win it.” Sarcastically he added “They’ll be taking sponsorship from Ernst & Gallo next year, I’ll expect.”

With the award sitting in pride of place, above the bar at The Moon and Spoon, the slough pub could be set to receive a sudden influx of wine tourism in the coming future.