Master of Wine, Michael Broadbent, is to celebrate his 90th birthday by throwing a huge celebration party.

The man considered to have one of the greatest palates in the world will be celebrating his 90th birthday with good friends, including Hardy Rodenstock and Rudy Kurniawan, in a location in central London. There will be imperials of the famous Chateau Petrus served to guests from the 1921, 1924 and 1926 vintages, which are believed to be a gift from Hardy Rodenstock. Guests also believed to have been invited include Jancis Robinson MW, Serena Sutcliffe MW and Jonothan Piper

When asked if he was looking forward to the upcoming celebration Michael Broadbent MW had this to say “I can’t wait to get the band back together! I haven’t seen Hardy and Rudy in ages. They both seemed to disappear for a little while.” When asked about the wine being served he commented “It’s funny, I tried a bit of each using my Coravin and they all taste as fresh and young as if they were bottled yesterday! Remarkable!”

We asked Hardy Rodenstock if there would be any other old vintages making an appearance at the party, he told us this “Depends what Michael wants really. I’ve got a secret stash that I can access and I’m sure I can pull something out of my hat”

With the soiree set to showcase some vintages so rare this will be the first time they have been seen, it looks as though the party will be like something out of a best selling novel.